Bach Flower remedies

Dr Bach was a medical Doctor by profession, a freemason and an undeclared naturalist. He had a strong desire to alleviate suffering and was dissatisfied with what modern medicine had to offer regarding this. Dr Bach was drawn to the idea that nature could supply the cure itself, this saw him leave his medical practice in 1930.

After Dr Bach observed 12 distinct emotional groups, he devised a new system of healing around them, with 38 remedies made from wildflowers, the Bach Flower Remedies were born. Bach made his new system to be as pure as possible, available for all to use. He defined mental/emotional personality types to treat, he found that the same personalities suffer the same way and discovered that by treating the temperament, the symptoms would go, regardless of how illness manifests. And then found the Bach Flower to match.

When treating patients via the conventional system of medicine, Dr Bach found there was much emphasis put upon the physical aspects of a disease and its treatment, with the cessation of physical symptoms the illness deemed over. Dr Bach disagreed with this approach as well as to medical research done on specimens of the body rather than the whole system. Dr Bach tested all the remedies upon the entire individual.

Dr Bach believed our mental attitude governs our body and its susceptibility to disease. When treating a disease, keep in mind, “Take no notice of the disease, think only of the outlook on life of the one in distress”, and treat the areas of it that hinder one’s life instead.

Dr Bach believed that disease is a result of a disturbance in positive mental/emotional states of mind that interferes with the body’s components and its functioning. This causes the body to lose vitality and tone in the body cells, as well as the ability to hear the will of the soul, all which can be relieved via treating the emotional type of the patient.

Bach believed that if our outlook is strong and positive, vitality will be strong, the will of the soul can be freely expressed, every cell in body can function optimally and disease will be unable to live in your body. Therefore, during an epidemic some may get sick whilst other do not.  This is also the same theory to disease that was highly regarded and explored by Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homoeopathy, to which Dr Bach followed and added to his work.

Like Hahnemann, Dr Bach devised his own potentization method, which he used to extract the healing properties of the plant and resulted in a high vibrational frequency potency of the remedies that is easily accepted into all the body cells. This high vibrational frequency potency is gentle on a person’s body cells due to the lack of plant matter in it.

The Bach Flower remedies work on a subtle vibrational level, gently restoring the natural energy of the cells, and dispelling the energies that have a negative effect upon us. The remedies cause a shift in the cause of the disease, the negative emotional/ mental state of mind, towards a positive one. The shift affects all body cells, as the mind is contained in each of them, this restores the body’s optimal functioning, and is why the disease will not be able to survive in the body, to grow into a disease, and the individual’s suffering will cease.

In no way does Dr Bach mean to replace allopathic medicine, in fact he made the remedies to be compatible with any other treatments being taken. And, when there is immense suffering in the physical body, the energies are too far advanced in the negative state for Bach Flower remedies and one should go to hospital. For instance, a broken bone should be medically treated, Bach flowers cannot treat cases that are that physically intrusive on the body, however, they can assist the mind to face normal duties after illness with confidence.

Bach Flower remedies can be used singly or in combination with each other as indicated and have a synergist effect. In fact, rescue remedy is a combination of 5 Bach Flower remedies, combined to help us during ‘the fight or flight’ response, or associated symptoms.

Bach Flower remedies are metabolised during the normal processes of the body, influence only the body cells that need it, have no side effects, reactions and resistance from the body cells. The remedies were made so all could use them, including the young, old, animals and even plants.

Dr Bach had an intuitive sense of healing about him, which allopathic medicine failed to provide him, he was disheartened at allopathic medicine turning away the suffering due to its notion that the origin of disease is of a materialistic nature, ignoring the mental factors, which he found so important to the health of a person. Never giving up on his intuition, he searched, and found that the true healing power comes from nature, not complex synthetic medical scientific discoveries. He believed, and made, a system of healing which can be used by everyone, that could fill the need that we have in controlling our emotions and their affects upon the body, and could be used everyday, moment to moment, to help us live happy and fulfilling lives.


Warmest regards,

                             Penelope Espinoza Hallett, Naturopath

BHsc (C.M.) AdvDip. Nat/N.D, Dip. Aroma, Dip. C.H., Cert. R.M., Cert. R.M., Cert. SBM, mNHAA