Bach Flower Remedies specially for women

Bach flower remedies are a safe way to combat many negative thoughts that run rampant in our heads. Here are some wonderful Bach Flower Remedies specially for women.

  • Elm helps women who are overwhelmed with all different hats they have to wear, as a woman, sister, daughter, wife, friend, mother, aunt.

  • Got passed over for that promotion? Gentian is great to help us realise there is no such thing as failure when you have tried your very best.

  • Do you experience Mondayitis every day of the week? Hornbeam can help you shake the mental weariness.

  • Are you afraid of spiders? Mimulus is the remedy for fears of all known things. Mimulus will help get your emotions under control and you can enjoy life without fear. No need to fear those spiders any longer!

  • Do you have a hard time making up your mind between two things? Scleranthus will help you decide!

  • Are you burnt out from burning the candle at both ends? Vervain may help relax you both mentally and physically.

  • Experiencing menopause, empty-nest syndrome, a divorce? Walnut may help you get through the transitions and changes in life calmly and protect you from negativity.

  • Too many thoughts swirling around in your head and keeping you up at night? White chestnut may help to clear your mind.

  • Are you at cross-roads in your life and not sure what path to take in life? Wild oat may help your ideas and ambitions form a decision upon your true path.

  • Wild rose may help you find your spark again when you are experiencing ground hog day

  •  Stuck in a rut? Wild rose will help re-ignite your interest in life.

  • Lost your sense of optimism and hope? Willow may help you get out of the “why me?” rut

Warmest regards,

                             Penelope Espinoza Hallett, Naturopath

BHsc (C.M.) AdvDip. Nat/N.D, Dip. Aroma, Dip. C.H., Cert. R.M., Cert. R.M., Cert. SBM, mNHAA