Modern Man And The Evolution Of Poor Sleep


Wouldn’t it be great if you could fall into a deep sleep each night shortly after your head hits the pillow and wake up refreshed each morning? Often the many small things that make up our day contributes to a sense of restlessness and weary sleep, and there are several opportunities presented to you each day to change this.

From an evolutionary viewpoint, the invention of lights has been a very recent one, interfering with our internal body clock, and combined with the modern days hustle and bustle you don’t stand a chance.

Let’s look at some common everyday occurrences that are unique to modern man:

  • Artificial light has removed your cue to go to bed and rise with the sun
  • The invention of the car has meant we travel much further every day than we would if we were a caveman hunting bears and foraging for berries to survive
  • The invention of the computer has meant our productivity has increased
  • The invention of the smartphone has meant we often read emails in bed

By making a few small changes to our daily routine you can combat the negative impact these modern conveniences have on your health. Two simple things you can do right now that your health and well-being will thank you for years to come are to use standing lamps or dimmer lights to create a low light in the evening to help your internal body clock recognise it is night and prepare itself for sleep and don’t read your emails in bed.